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What personal information should you include on your resume?

What personal information should you include and exclude from your resume and why?

The standard inclusions are pretty straight forward so they don’t need much explaining. When writing your resume, include your full name, your direct phone number, your email address, a link to your LinkedIn profile and the city in which you live or are planning to work in if you are relocating. You don’t need to enter your full address on your resume, this is a privacy concern and nobody has physically posted employment acceptance or rejection letters within the last ten years.

The equality act has made it no longer necessary to include your date of birth, race, marital status, sexual orientation or nationality. To ensure you don’t fall victim to discrimination, don’t include these on your resume, they are not required. Also, don’t include your visa status, this will show that you are foreign and this is the leading area of discrimination candidates face at the resume review stage.

If you hold a specialist driving license relevant to the position, show this on your resume. However, if you’re a seasoned professional, and driving isn’t an aspect of the position, don’t include your license information, this isn’t relevant.

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